Best practical ways | how to promote self-published ebook


Self-published authors are likely to face great predicaments during promoting and marketing their titles unlike traditionally published authors or those whose titles are published by a publishing house.

you may want opt out of the self-publishing bussiness probably after your first self-published title due to the hectic task of pestering family and friends for reviews inorder to to get higher ratings thus emerge towards top selling titles,but how are you going to do that without spaming friends?

Well a traditional author may have a couple an upper hands from his company to promote and market his book so the author gets to just seat back and wait for loyalities.BUT, he never beats the advantages a self-published author has. (Discussed in this post .).Beyond reasonable doubt, the effort a self-published author invests is worth it!In details, i will describe the best ways, to promote your self-published ebook into a successfull sale genarator.

Here are the best practical ways to promote your self-published ebook

  • use social networks
  • Facebook and twitter are probably the most visted and used websites on the internet.Certainly the greatest portion of people you would like to promote your book towards, they have either a facebook or a twitter account.
    You will need to create a fanpage for your title or use any preffered name for your facebook page and share it on different related community pages to gain traffic and likes to your page.Increase your page fanbase or likes as much as you can. For the more likes on your page,the broader the outreach during promotion

    After a good number of likes, you can now post updates about you ebook, such as,retailer sites where your ebook can be downloaded and ask your fans to review your book at any site they download from.Use the page as a medium to market your book as well

  • create a twitter account
  • Twitter can be a powerful promotional and marketing tool if the notion is properly implimented.After creating a twitter account, nothing matters more than twitter followers. You will need to find followers who are analogous to friends or fans on a facebook account or page respectively.
    The easiest way and most common used system to get followers is by following people you would like to follow you.
    NOTE :you need to be selective of who to follow.

    simple tips on following

    listed alphabetically

    a)Search book groups or companies and follow a couple of people following the group,org or company.These people are probably readers or authors
    )b DO NOT follow people with excessive number of followers. 2000 plus. Your tweets wont probably be noticed.
    c)Unfollow non-followers to attract more serious follows.
    d)Use harshtags to find readers or subject and topic lovers.Eg, you can search #amreading to find users with a reading interest.
    e)Lastly follow those who follow you inorder to maintain your followers.Some twitter users will immediately unfollow you if they discovered you dont follow them.

  • Create a personal website or a blog as an author
  • For a free blog,you may experiement with wordpress or google’s blogger use the blog to post infomation about your books and upcomming releases. provide the blog or site url to friends as a place for all your work.Here curious readers may be eager to vist your site

  • make blog tours
  • Find different blogs related to writing and publishing and follow their posts.After try to contact the blog admin and ask them to dedicate an entire post to your (promoting title) by featuring your book and reviewing it.If you made t he right blog selection the blogger will be so positive about your request since you inspire content for his blog

  • Give away some free copies of your book
  • Here you can generate coupon codes from your retailer or distributor and then avail them to a couple of your fans either on your social network platform,by email or face to face encounter.A coupon code may be in numeral or letter formart or a ‘Ng823b’ and it is entered in the payment system, i may impart a partial discount or completely discount the ebook upto 100% thus making the book free!By offering free copies of your book,your increasing its popularity thus automated ads by those who have read your book recommending to others.

  • create a goodreads account
  • its one of the largest readers and authors website. With more than 7 million members.Here you can add friends and join reading forums. Make your book the topic in any group and get reviews direclty.Create an account here

  • join linkedIn groups
  • this is another social network where you can meet writers and proffessional authors. Share your ebook with them as well during your quest. Create a free account on linkedIn

    Above are the best practical and productive methods to promote your ebook according to several my conducted research in ebook promotion.I recommend you to read the tuturial and take note of every tip!

    You may want to enhance your ebook promotional course with this wonderfull self-help ebook How i sold 1 million ebooks in 5 months<br  />
    by John Locke

    Buy a handy ereader from amazon for as low as $79 and enjoy a mobile library of more than 10,000 books in shelf on a just a cheap affordable handy gadget.Ereaders are the way forward so i have provided purchase links to amazon below for some of the best ereaders.<br  />

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    Exclusive interview with|Shades of Grey author Micheal Cargill

    Interview with Micheal Cargill,author of Shades Of Grey

    Any one who has read,reading or is to read Shades Of Grey by Micheal Cargill would like to know.Who is Micheal Cargill?
    Many indie today authors draw inspiration from interviews of fellow self-published authors.I managed to catch up with Micheal and in this blog, am featuring an exclusive interview with the author.Hope you get inspired and relate.

    Shades Of Grey

    kindle edition
    1) Can you give your readers a synopsis of your bio?

    I am 33 years old and my fulltime job is working in IT support. I live in sunny England, not too far from London

    2) when did you start writing and what inspired you?

    I published my first book in mid-2011 and it was from there that I realised I was pretty good at writing fiction. Other than sending various silly emails to people at work I hadn’t really done much in the way of writing at all. After a while I decided to just go for it

    3) which genres do you write and why did you specifically choose them?

    I don’t really have a genre yet I don’t think but I think I will be heading towards the thriller genre. It’s not so much a choice as such but they the stories I write just seem to end up that way. I quite like writing them.

    4) how many books have you published so far and what has been your most successfull title?

    I have published four and the most successful is called Diary of Dork , Articles of Sarcasm and Irreverence .It’s offbeat humour and very different to anything else I have written. The title seems to intrigue people!

    5) your latest book is ‘shades of grey’ what is it about?

    It’s three different stories and they all deal with people struggling to survive against forces out of their control.

    6) why did you choose the title “shades of grey” for a ww2 thriller.whats the logic behind the title?

    Well only one of the stories is set in WWII. Shades of Grey is the name of the first story and involves a man with very mixed morals. It seemed a good name for a collection of stories.

    7) what makes “shades of grey” different and special from other books you have published?

    The books I wrote before Shades of Grey are available for free as I considered them my ‘practice’ stories and allowed me to gauge the reaction of readers. Shades of Grey marks my entry into trying to be taken more seriously as a fiction writer.

    8) since inception on the online book market,whats general response of your readers?

    Most of the feedback has been very good. Everyone obviously has different tastes but reviews have been positive for my work so far

    9) Are you working on any new titles and what should out there readers expect?

    Yes! Readers should expect more suspense, a smattering of humour and a jolly good read.

    10) if any one would like to get a copy of your book,where can they be purchased?

    They can be purchased on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and the Sony ebook store.

    11) Lastly a word to aspiring authors

    “Practice! And proofreading. No author writes a classic straight off the bat, it goes through numerous stages of editing, correction and proofreading before being unleashed onto the world”

    Micheal Cargill’s lates book ‘Shades Of Grey’ can be purchased from all major online ebook retailers and distributors.purchase from

  • Amazon link
  • Barnes and noble link
  • smashwords link

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  • How to self-publish an ebook and a paper back

    How to self-publish an ebook or paperback

    Are you tired of rejection mails from publishing houses?Are your loyalities exploited by your publisher?Well,you are about to discover a solution and after reading this entire blog,you will proudly embark on a new publishing prank.Trust me, its the best!Before we look at ways of self-publishing,
    why should you self-publish? when you self publish

  • you retain all the rights to your work
  • this means you will completely manage the advances made from your sales

  • you dont have to spend a penny ! If your self-publishing and this case a epublishing company will completely takecare of the distribution of your ebook or book
  • i will review epublishing also known as electronic publishing or self-publishing companies.

    majorly retaining your product entire copy rights makes self-publishing a prefference for many as compared to traditional publishers.You can maximise sales with that privillage and earn the most from your work.Am going to share with you a perfect ebook to enhance your self-publishing career.

    steps to successfull self publishing

  • Use your word proccessor to write your book in document any format prefferably doc,docx
  • After you have reached your set number of words, for typical novel 90,000 words are recommend.
  • after that,your on aready the course to self-pub.

  • create a book cover either using software or hire a cover designer.All ebooks require covers.
  • go online and chose among these self-publishing companies, smashwords l lulu
  • sign up to any of the preffered mentioned sites above
  • click the publish link,always on top of the page.then upload your docx or doc file
  • . lulu requires you to upload your document in pdf for smashwords doc format is required

  • upload the book cover you can find a proffession graphic designer to make you one or create one you self with software.
  • Now add the meta data in the required fields.meta data is info about your book such as title,synopis and the author’s details.

    Now click publish and you book is ready! The self-publishing company will do for you the distribution and marketing.for example smashwords will distribute your book to kobo,amazon,barnes & noble also ,ibookstore among other major retailers.
    Your self-published ebook will be read or accessed and displayed as show below on such ereaders
    You can also self-publish on amazon and barnes you need to use pubit app.The turial i have provided is the best option if you want to be successfull.There are might be several turials but i have tried to provide you with the best for your quest.
    After successfully self-publishing you ebook,you may need several guides on marketing and promotion. Get an ebook to guide you

    If you found this tutorial helpfull you may email leave a subcribe to my blog or send your feedback at for specif issues. Join our page of authors,readers and bloggers on facebook here my tweeter feed @dickson_mug

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    Best reviewed ebooks and recommended titles this season

    In this blog post,we are going to feature some of the best titles for you to enjoy this wonderfull easter season from major ebook retailers.we are specifically featuring titles from amazon and smashwords
    Ebooks are increasingly becoming popular due to the dramatic emerging of self published authors.Alot of talented authors but dubbed as indie authors have published great titles without help of traditional authors by the help of epublishing companies which are basically online base. see blog archive for major self publishing and epub or electronic publishing companies . Am listing ten major recommended titles which are top rated and best reviewed on smashwords and amazon’s kindlestore you can sample a portion of the book to read before a full purchase of the complete edition.always authors have provided you with a privillegde to read atleast 20% for free!
    Now among the best reviewed and top rated titles.Am listing five titles from amazon and four titles from smashwords.

  • smaswords titles
  • Demons in my marriage bed

  • How to get any man do anything
  • amazon titles

  • Hunger games
  • Harry Porter
  • Shades of Grey
  • you can get all at purchase ebooks nice reading.

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    What should young entreprenuers learn from steve jobs?

    As more and more graduates flock the streets in search of jobs,there hopes to find proffessional jobs under their education criteria are continuously dashed out after tidious attempts and unconsiderable rejections by employers. Many employers would ask job seekers to fit a rather impossible criteria for example,a post graduate would be asked several years of experience-but if you cant hire these people,where would they have worked to fit your criteria of years experience! In this blog we are going to analyse and try to learn from one of the greatest entreprenuers as well as bussiness guru of the the 21st century-steve jobs. One of the best remedies to unemployement which has been a center of economic research and state investment is job creation. college proff. and tutors have all tried to impart a mentallity of be job creator instead of job seekers and it has worked for many. lets see what to learn from steve. 250px-Steve_Jobs_Headshot_2010-CROP.jpg
    Steven Paul Jobs born
    February 24, 1955(1955-02-24)
    San Francisco, California, U.S.
    Died October 05, 2011,(2011-10-05) steve jobs has insipired a new generation of internet entreprenuers and IT proffessions due to his incredible impact to the world of computing and bussiness.As the co-founder of apple and pixar animations(see biography for more of steve’s bussinesses) briefly steve jobs was promoted from intreme CEO or iceo as he jockingly reffered to him self to CEO, he made one of the greatest economic speeches in bussiness while talking to students of stanfford…below is a quote from the speech

    “Everybody’s time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life! Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of others’ people thinking… and the most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know, what you truly want to become.”

    you can watch the speech on you tube here hope you take note of those great words..all lessons to young entreprenuers were summarised in that speech.

    Where and how to download ebooks for all ereaders

    Many of my blog readers have contacted me requesting for an indepth blog coverage on downloading and reading ebooks or electronic-books on several ereaders. Although ebooks have had a significant increase in this decade,many book readers dont understand the way ebooks can be utlised in the dot-com era.In this blog post,we shall look at the significance of ebooks to the world of books and how ebooks can efficiently be utilsed.
      ebooks can be downloaded from various sites like smashwords lulu many ebooks gutenburg among others. When downloading ebooks, you have to select the format which is supported by your ereader.among popular ereaders are

  • kindle fire by amazon
  • nook reader
  • sony ereaders
  • ipads
  • smartphones
  • among others. kindle-vs-nook1.jpg for some smartphones you are required to download ereading software such mobireader for s60. You can download mobireader download here the formats for each reader are as follows. ipad in epub mobireader in mobi desktop in pdf,html for online readers enjoy a world of free book reading and expand your knowlege.for more info about the subject you can send an email to or follow me on twitter at @dickson_mug .i will help you find reading software for you device and link you to free ebook sites! You can also join a page of ebooks readers and e-publishers on facebook,to join click here . Enjoy an expanding world of ebooks.

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