Love New Begining

Love New Beginning

The rain is only drops of roses,
The wind is the scent of love,
The sun is blessing everyone,

Our Destiny is to live in our hearts again,
The whole world is glowing love again,
Tears of joy calling for a new universe to begin,

The end of our dark story is only a beginning,
A beginning of the new bright era,
The beginning of humanity new age,

Love has taught generations,
Love has built new love pyramids,
Holy temples where all believers live,

Love is the only connection between earth&sky,
Love is the rays coming to us from God,
Love is a holy spirit we have to worship it,

Love is our savior, the soul of the universe,
Love is the savior of the world from its darkness,
Love is our only hope to heal ourselves&this world,

The only treasure remaining on Earth,
Realize it, feel it, be it, live it, give yourself to it,
Let it transform you, let it transform our world into Love.

Happy Blessed Sunday
Always Love
Rima N. Jaber
CopyRights ©
April 15, 2012


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