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Suzanne collins has become the leading kindle pubulisher. With the hunger games trilogy becoming every reader’s favourite, from catching fire,mocking jay, it has sold millions of ebooks and published in more than 38 countries! Its a book that you dont want to miss,a book you read when you dont want to read and the movie is now in cinemas as well…i bet you dont want to exclude it from your classic dvd collection.Generally the public reviews have managed to continue to propell the hunger games trilogy paper back and ebooks into greater sales for example;

Amanda Craig , of The Times

“Few new novels have been as eagerly awaited, here and America, as the third part of Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games… What makes Collins’s novels so absorbing and engaging is the way she tells her tale. There have been a number of outstanding dystopian fantasies emerging from America, but The Hunger Games is the most profoundly imagined, nightmarish, romantic, psychologically plausible and well-written. You can’t stop reading, once begun… The Hunger Games trilogy is more than just a very clever futuristic thriller. It’s quite possibly the best SF novel for teenagers since Huxley’s Brave New World”

Stephenie Meyer , author of the multi-million-selling Twilight Saga said..

“I got an early look at a book I’ve been eagerly awaiting: CATCHING FIRE , the sequel to Suzanne Collins’ phenomenal THE HUNGER GAMES . It not only lived up to my high expectations, it surpassed them. It’s just as exciting as THE HUNGER GAMES , but even more gut wrenching, because you already know these characters, you’ve already suffered with them. Suzanne takes the story places I wasn’t expecting, and she’s never afraid to take it to very hard places. Stunning. You won’t sleep when you’re reading this one. It hits shelves September 1st. I suggest beginning in the early morning and clearing your calendar for the day.”

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