Exclusive interview with|Shades of Grey author Micheal Cargill

Interview with Micheal Cargill,author of Shades Of Grey

Any one who has read,reading or is to read Shades Of Grey by Micheal Cargill would like to know.Who is Micheal Cargill?
Many indie today authors draw inspiration from interviews of fellow self-published authors.I managed to catch up with Micheal and in this blog, am featuring an exclusive interview with the author.Hope you get inspired and relate.

Shades Of Grey

kindle edition https://i1.wp.com/ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51oSQdlMVaL._SX200_.jpg
1) Can you give your readers a synopsis of your bio?

I am 33 years old and my fulltime job is working in IT support. I live in sunny England, not too far from London

2) when did you start writing and what inspired you?

I published my first book in mid-2011 and it was from there that I realised I was pretty good at writing fiction. Other than sending various silly emails to people at work I hadn’t really done much in the way of writing at all. After a while I decided to just go for it

3) which genres do you write and why did you specifically choose them?

I don’t really have a genre yet I don’t think but I think I will be heading towards the thriller genre. It’s not so much a choice as such but they the stories I write just seem to end up that way. I quite like writing them.

4) how many books have you published so far and what has been your most successfull title?

I have published four and the most successful is called Diary of Dork , Articles of Sarcasm and Irreverence .It’s offbeat humour and very different to anything else I have written. The title seems to intrigue people!

5) your latest book is ‘shades of grey’ what is it about?

It’s three different stories and they all deal with people struggling to survive against forces out of their control.

6) why did you choose the title “shades of grey” for a ww2 thriller.whats the logic behind the title?

Well only one of the stories is set in WWII. Shades of Grey is the name of the first story and involves a man with very mixed morals. It seemed a good name for a collection of stories.

7) what makes “shades of grey” different and special from other books you have published?

The books I wrote before Shades of Grey are available for free as I considered them my ‘practice’ stories and allowed me to gauge the reaction of readers. Shades of Grey marks my entry into trying to be taken more seriously as a fiction writer.

8) since inception on the online book market,whats general response of your readers?

Most of the feedback has been very good. Everyone obviously has different tastes but reviews have been positive for my work so far

9) Are you working on any new titles and what should out there readers expect?

Yes! Readers should expect more suspense, a smattering of humour and a jolly good read.

10) if any one would like to get a copy of your book,where can they be purchased?

They can be purchased on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and the Sony ebook store.

11) Lastly a word to aspiring authors

“Practice! And proofreading. No author writes a classic straight off the bat, it goes through numerous stages of editing, correction and proofreading before being unleashed onto the world”

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