The graffiti tool for expression by destitutes

you must have realized the murals sprayed in public walls of any project and ghettos impoverished zones.
what is graffiti? Wikipedia describes graffiti as “the name for images or lettering scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any manner on property. Graffiti is any type of public markings that may appear in the forms of simple written words to elaborate wall paintings.”. but what is the meaning of graffiti in our community. literally,graffiti is the third cultural pillar in Hip hop culture. Hip hop culture.graffiti art has been further popularized by Hip hop and underground campaigns is making a step into this theme to understand the good things that graffiti art has contributed in the modern world of freedom campaigns and expression. The theme of graffiti has been constantly criticized by the media as a very bad practice which enhances gang affiliation. yes graffiti is very common in place associated with gangs, crime, gambling among others. solve-crime-end-poverty(1).jpg
but has any one ever taken time to think why this is how its done? i was walking in my neighbour hood and i realised that the spirit of graffiti art had begun to crop up its only seen on old building and its strange that the only words most dipicted are showing phsycological torture and emotional break down. These poor destitutes find no one to talk to insetad they try to aior there feelings out to the public. they spray out what they really feel oppressed about . is it righrt to talk to the wall?… may be it is,in case they speak louder… Public walls can really be a centre of focus to must people in the area.
generally, its considered illeagal to spray or paint graffiti murals to public buildings because it seen as a vandalisng manner.Graffiti art so is mainly done by the homelss youths and teenagers who walk up to thse project walls in the middle of the night and try to express there innre most emotions emotions to whicht the other people wake up to read.
Graffiti really deserves a place in our communities not because it its related to gangs or considered to be a vandalism theme but because it has the potential to impact and positively change our communities. i was impressed when i saw a graffiti mural sprayed in red paint saying,”fuck mob justice,” well it may be commonly portrayed in a ghetto language but it speaks to the world! we must be concerned about our brothers who are living life on the other side of the world. We have to have a heart for our sisters who got pregnant while in school and now hang on these walls late nite and there no one to listen. When we cycle through most notorious projects and read such thoughts of the inner person, we shall know what the people really want from us, we shall understand what the cause of these hate that we see breeding crime is.we shall be able to re-unite with our lost tribes in the world if we adopt to one one form of expression and that leaves no one out.
with this blog post , i advocate for a freedom of expression campaign and would like to support and promote the use of graffiti art in the projects and any where its necessary. Thank you Hip hop for graffiti! If you have any feedbacks join my community page on facebook about articles,blogs and books,join here and follow me on twitter @dickson_mug Thanks for dropping by!